2022 REPORTS‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬



2023-01-03 Healthcare pulling ahead as top issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-29 Health and inflation top issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-28 Strong majority of Canadians would support or somewhat support the federal government in the creation of a foreign agent registry (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-28 When it comes to top priorities for change in Canada’s healthcare system, people are much more likely to prefer recruiting more healthcare workers over investing more money in public healthcare or allowing private corporations to charge people for healthcare services. (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-26 Consumer confidence negative but continues to gradually improve (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-20 Healthcare and inflation pulling ahead as top two national issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-19 Consumer confidence net negative but incrementally improving (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-13 Four in five residents of the Yukon support or somewhat support federal goal to protect at least 30 per cent of land (CPAWS Yukon/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-13 Nine in ten Canadians support or somewhat support seizing the Canadian assets of both Russian officials leading the war in Ukraine as well as Iranian officials violating human rights (Senator Dasko/Senator Omidvar/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-13 Healthcare, inflation, jobs/the economy top issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-12 Majority of Canadians are concerned about energy prices for things like heating and transportation over the next six months (Positive Energy/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-12 Confidence remains negative and steady (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-12 Three in four Canadians believe or somewhat believe that safe injection sites save the lives of many drug addicts but are more likely to prefer cutting back safe injection sites for drug addicts and putting more resources into addiction treatment (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-07 U.S. Business Executives Sentiment on the Strength of the Canadian Economy Weakens (AmCham/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-07 Appetite to decrease trade with China on the rise and now represents a majority of Canadians – Tracking (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-06 Healthcare as a national unprompted issue of concern remains at a two year high (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-05 Consumer confidence remains negative and flat in week over week tracking (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-05 Two in three Canadians support or somewhat support the Government of Canada using the Emergencies Act in response to the Freedom Convoy Protest (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-05 Canadians are split on their confidence in the ability of the police in Canada to handle another protest like the Freedom Convoy Truckers protest (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-03 Younger Canadians more likely to be worried about future generations’ standard of living, housing costs and having difficulties affording necessities (Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-02 Canadians are four times more likely to say they will spend less rather than more this holiday season (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-12-02 Strong majority of Canadians say a recession is likely or somewhat likely in 2023 (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-29 Healthcare hits a two year high as a top national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-28 Positive views on the future strength of the economy remain near pandemic low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-22 Nearly nine in ten Canadians support the federal government committing the necessary resources to implement the Diabetes Framework (Diabetes Canada/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-22 Concern about healthcare and inflation on the rise – Poilievre as preferred PM slides in past four weeks (Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-21 Canada remains at two and one half year low in consumer confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-20 About two thirds of Canadians think that it was necessary or somewhat necessary to invoke the Emergency Act to get the trucker convoy protests under control (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-15 Canadians expect inflation to remain at around seven per cent in 12 months (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-15 Canadians increasingly concerned about economic issues (Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-14 Canadians score the health of our democracy a 5.7 out of ten – equivalent to a D+ (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-14 Positive views on the future strength of the Canadian economy hit a two year low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-12 Donations to charities stable for a majority of Canadians (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-11 Majority of Canadians are good with increasing financial aid to Ukraine even if it means bigger deficits (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-10 Canadians buying less expensive food, stockpiling and eating less because of food prices (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-09 Majority of Canadians support or somewhat support a return to mandatory wearing of face masks in indoor public places this fall if deemed necessary by authorities (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-08 Majority of Canadians support the Government of Canada encouraging Google and Facebook to negotiate with Canadian news organizations for the fair payment of their work – Over four in five are not confident that Google or Facebook work in the best interests of Canadians (CAB/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-08 Concern about jobs/the economy up over the past month (Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-08 Most Canadians think China has a negative influence on world affairs; about half say the same about the US – See US and Europe as top priorities for closer ties (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-07 Pessimism on future strength of the economy hits a 30 month high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-11-01 Jobs/the economy pulling ahead as top unprompted national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-31 Confidence slides – Percentage who say personal finances are worse breaks 14 year record (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-25 Culture-goers are three times more likely to say they intend to spend more rather than less on arts/culture in 2022 compared 2021 (Business/Arts/NAC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-25 Les amateurs de culture sont trois fois plus susceptibles de dire qu’ils ont l’intention de dépenser plus plutôt que moins pour les arts et la culture en 2022 par rapport à 2021 (Affaires/Arts/CNA/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-25 Conservative brand strength on upswing under Poilievre – Canadians increasingly worried about the jobs/the economy (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-25 Consumer confidence continues negative trajectory (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-21 Majority of Canadians remain opposed or somewhat opposed to leaving Commonwealth comparing period with Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III as monarch – Tracking Study (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-19 Majority of Canadians support protecting more land and sea in Canada; about eight in ten say it is important for Canadian governments to speed up progress on nature protection (CPAWS/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-19 Majority of Canadians say they are likely or somewhat likely to still wear a mask while travelling in an airplane in the next year even if not required (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-18 Concern about jobs and the economy on the upswing – Poilievre and Trudeau gripped in a tie as preferred Prime Minister (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-18 Ottawa residents show strong support for building new affordable housing – Four in five say ending homelessness in Ottawa is an urgent issue (The Ottawa Mission/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-18 One in three women 40 years of age and older are not familiar with the fact that treatment options for menopause and perimenopause exist. (Sinai Health Foundation/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-17 Consumer confidence hits 28-month low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-17 Strong majority of Ontarians want a new public planetarium in Toronto – Encouraging students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics seen as biggest potential positive impact (Space Place Canada/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-17 Majority are ok with those being treated for mental illness accessing medical assistance in dying; sentiment for MAID declines for waiting treatment for mental illness (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-17 Over one in five Canadians, including seven in ten Atlantic residents, say either they, a family member or a close friend experienced property damage or loss due to extreme weather in the past year (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-13 Canadians net positive on expected job King Charles III will do as Canada’s monarch. One third believe he will do an average job (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-12 Negative feelings towards the federal government in Ottawa still dominate the mindset of Canadians – Tracking Study. (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-12 Poilievre most trusted to reduce inflation – tied with Trudeau on most trusted to support economic growth (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-12 Transit, roads and cost of living score as top priorities for new Ottawa Mayor (CTV News/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-11 Forward looking Expections Sub-indice hovering near two-year low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-11 Poilievre narrows gap as preferred PM – factoring all federal party leaders (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-11 Public transit, taxes and affordable housing top unprompted issues for the upcoming municipal election in Ottawa (CTV News/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-10 Despite most often having no positives that come to mind for both political party leaders, Justin Trudeau is the preferred choice over Pierre Poilievre among Canadians when forced to choose (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-08 Ottawa residents three times more likely to say experience in municipal politics important than not important for new mayor. (CTV News/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-06 McKenney and Sutcliffe top choices for Ottawa Mayor – One in three still undecided (CTV News/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-04 Undecided on preferred PM down five points in four weeks – Poilievre trending up (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-03 Views on real estate show sustained negative pressure (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-03 Importance of energy self-sufficiency continues to climb despite declining confidence in Canada’s ability to be self-sufficient (Nanos) View PDF
2022-10-03 Importance of ensuring safe communities continues upward trend while confidence in finding solutions for this continues to decline (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-27 Canadians gripped with multiple national issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-26 Investing in a home seen as being more positive than negative – residents believe region is a good place to raise a family with an overall good quality of life (BRREA/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-26 Negative views on future value of real estate hit a 2-year high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-26 Canadians increasingly worried about paying their housing costs – Majority say that the next generation will have a lower standard of living than today (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-20 Worry about Coronavirus nearly drops off the radar as Canadians focus on bread and butter issues, healthcare and the environment (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-19 Consumer confidence steadies in negative territory (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-13 Is everything going wrong? Multiple pain points for Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-12 Consumer confidence remains under water (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-11 Overall brand favourability for Greece continues to trend up in both Canada and the US. (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-06 Majority see a politician’s support of trucker protest in Ottawa as negative (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-06 Canadians and Americans continue to share focus on shipments from China for inspection, and believe China poses the greatest health threat to their countries – 18 year tracking study (University at Buffalo/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-06 Trudeau as preferred PM up in wake of German Chancellor’s visit to Canada (Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-04 Canadians hold negative views of the current state of health care in Canada (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-02 Consumer confidence veering from negative to neutral (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-09-01 Confidence up in the Bank of Canada’s commitment to reduce inflation – Canadians expect inflation to be at eight percent in 12 months (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-30 Canadians increasingly cite healthcare as a top national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-30 Importance of keeping our healthcare system strong continues to score an all-time high – confidence in ability to do so drops to all-time low (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-29 Consumer confidence incrementally improving – trajectory moving to neutral sentiment (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-23 Cocktail of issues driving Canadian concerns – four-way tie between jobs/the economy, the environment, healthcare and inflation (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-22 After hitting a low in consumer confidence – incremental increases registering (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-16 Healthcare, environment and jobs/economy top unprompted issues of concern. Concern over inflation trending down (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-15 Consumer confidence remains in negative territory – Negative real estate perception hits two year high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-09 Concern about healthcare and the environment on the rise (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-09 Trudeau top choice for Canadians as preferred PM – Poilievre has advantage in Prairies (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-08 Consumer confidence net negative but stabilizing (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-08 Canadians are over two times more likely to say that Stephen Harper’s recent endorsement of Pierre Poilievre as a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership has given them a more negative impression of Pierre Poilievre rather than a more positive impression (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-05 Majority of Canadians feel anger over Hockey Canada using registration fees to pay out sexual assault allegations; situation leaves a negative impact on Canadians’ impression of hockey and hockey players (CTV/Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-02 Inflation, healthcare, environment top issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-02 About three in five Canadians are good with MPs and senators having the choice to travel to Ottawa or attending meetings online (Senator Dasko/Nanos) View PDF
2022-08-02 Week over week consumer sentiment steady but still net negative (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-26 Unsure numerically top choice as PM, Trudeau remains second choice (Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-25 Consumer confidence net negative but downward trajectory abates (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-20 Canadians blame supply chain disruptions and the Government’s spending/deficit policies most for the rise in cost of living (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-19 Those unsure who they prefer as Prime Minister near a 12 month high (Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-18 Consumer confidence in net negative territory but steep decline slows (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-12 Inflation and jobs/the economy top list of concerns (Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-11 Negative trajectory for Canadian consumer confidence continues (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-11 Feelings of satisfaction towards the federal government drops six percentage points since March 2022 (Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-09 People more than twice as likely to say Canada is on the wrong track rather than the right track in building a united country (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-09 A majority of Canadians are worried or somewhat worried that this Fall there will be another pandemic wave which will be serious enough to bring back restrictions; three in five report having no interest in travelling internationally this summer (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-05 Inflation concerns pulling ahead of all other issues (Nanos) View PDF
2022-07-04 Negative consumer confidence trajectory continues – negative views on value of real estate hits a 2-year high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-29 Lapsed culture-goers want something interesting or fun to return; comfort levels are up for purchasing single tickets and subscriptions (Business/Arts/NAC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-29 Les anciens amateurs de culture veulent quelque chose d’intéressant ou d’amusant afin de retourner voir une représentation; le niveau de confort relié à l’achat de billets simples et d’abonnements est en hausse (Affaires/Arts/CNA/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-28 Concern about inflation pulling ahead of the issue pack (Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-27 Canadian consumer confidence dives into negative territory (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-21 Inflation top national issue – unsure on preferred PM measure hits a three-year high (Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-20 Confidence declines views on real estate plummets (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-18 Views of Canadians on energy, climate change, and the job done by Governments in Canada (Positive Energy/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-16 Three in five Canadians support the Federal Government working with cryptocurrency experts and Canadians to introduce new regulations or laws around cryptocurrency to protect the public interest (Canadian Web3 Council/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-14 Concern about inflation continues to be top unprompted issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-13 Declines in consumer confidence hit lows not seen since 2020 – Real estate confidence drops (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-10 Labour constraints continue to be the top issue of concern among trucking executives and along with equipment shortages contribute to limited capacity (Canadian Trucking Alliance/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-10 Canadians are six times more likely to say that the next generation will have a lower standard of living rather than a higher standard of living (Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-07 Concern about inflation and the economy continues to grip Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-06 Close to six in ten Canadians are comfortable or somewhat comfortable with the agreement between the Liberals and the NDP which would delay a possible election until 2025 – one in three say it has no impact on their vote intention (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-06 Forward sentiment drops to low not seen since November 2020 in wake of decline in real estate value confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-03 Canadians split on confidence in Bank of Canada’s commitment to reducing inflation. Older Canadians more likely to show confidence in central bank (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-03 Three years after the release of the National Inquiry, Canadians are over three times more likely to rate the job done by the Government of Canada as poor rather than good when it comes to ending the ongoing national tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (NWAC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-01 FINAL SURVEY > ONTARIO ELXN: PC 38.8, LP 26.3, NDP 24.7, GP 6.1, OP 2.1, NB 2.0 (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-01 Ontarians view investing in healthcare as the most important priority for the new government of Ontario; healthcare remains the top issue of concern. (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-01 Majority of Canadians support calling on the Queen to apologize for the Church of England’s role in the residential school system. (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-06-01 Canadians exhibit steady increase in positive sentiment of the United States since Trump departure. (Atlantik-Brücke/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-31 Majority of Ontarians say increasing funding for more public long term care homes should be a more important priority for the government of Ontario; eight in ten Ontarians support or somewhat support banning handguns in Ontario (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-31 Younger Canadians are more likely to report struggling with mental health and self isolation during the pandemic than older Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-27 Canadians increasingly focused on inflation (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-27 Expectations in consumer confidence tracking declines and sputters to neutral on real estate sentiment decline (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-26 Ontarians want investing in public transit to be priority over highways; Ford trusted most to manage a post pandemic recovery; Horwath trusted most to fix healthcare system (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-25 Younger Ontarians exhibit most pessimism about the future of Ontario; Campaign performance of all leaders not strong, Schreiner scores marginally better than the rest (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-25 Bilateral Opportunity: Germans rate Canada clearly as top energy partner > Australia Germany and US tied as top Canadian energy partners (dimap/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-24 Canadians increasing concerned about inflation as Coronavirus drops as a focus (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-24 Ontario Provincial Election Ballot:PC 37.3, LP 28.0, NDP 23.2, GP 6.3, NB 3.0 (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-20 Consumer confidence hits low not seen since November 2020 (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-19 Four in ten Ontarians say the leaders’ debate had no winner; the debate had the most positive impact on Ontarians’ impressions of Mike Schreiner (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-19 Majority of Ontarians dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with ideas from politicians in Ontario to help people manage with the rising cost of basics and make housing more affordable (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-18 Ontario Provincial Election Ballot:PC 36.1, LP 29.3, NDP 19.8, GP 7.3, NB 4.7 (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-18 Confidence in the Trudeau government to create the conditions for economic prosperity lower than 2019 – Canadians split on which federal party they would trust most dealing with Canada’s housing affordability crisis (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-17 Focus of Canadians shifts away from Coronavirus (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-16 Canadian consumer confidence hits 17 month low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-10 Healthcare remains top concern. Worry about inflation/cost of living on the rise among Ontarians (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-10 Concern about jobs/the economy and environment on the rise (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-10 Two in three Canadians support or somewhat support streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ financially supporting the creation of Canadian content in the same way Canadian broadcasters do (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-09 Ontario Provincial Election Ballot:PC 35.4, LP 30.4, NDP 23.7, GP 4.2, NB 3.6 (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-09 Views on value of real estate remain strong but are softening (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-09 Over nine in ten Canadians are concerned or somewhat concerned about the price of food going up (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-06 Two thirds of Canadians are concerned or somewhat concerned about rising home prices; concern highest among those aged 18-34 (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-04 Healthcare is top of mind provincial issue of concern (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-03 Ford Progressive Conservatives hold ballot advantage at start of campaign (CTV/CP24/Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-03 Leadership focused Conservative brand continues to gain strength in Nanos Party Power Index (Nanos) View PDF
2022-05-02 Consumer confidence marginally positive – Ontario confidence weakens (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-28 Healthcare is the top issue of concern among New Brunswick residents (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-27 Conservatives 36, Liberals 30, NDP 20, Green 6, People’s 3 in latest Nanos federal tracking (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-26 Conservative brand strength on rise coincidental with leadership and rise in concern on economic issues (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-25 Consumer confidence steady but only marginally positive (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-19 Concern about Coronavirus dropping off the radar (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-18 Consumer confidence remains in marginally positive band (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-14 Les amateurs de culture sont six fois plus susceptibles d’être plus à l’aise de continuer à exiger des masques pour les performances en personne que moins à l’aise. (Affaire/Arts/CNA/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-14 Culture-goers are six times more likely to be more comfortable with continuing to require masks for in-person performances than less comfortable. (Business and the Arts/NAC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-13 Canadians are nearly four times more likely to prefer a political party be practical based on the situation rather than having strongly held views that guide its decisions (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-12 Concern about jobs/healthcare and inflation top of mind for Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-11 Pessimism and anger remain the top feelings that best describe how Canadians feel about the federal government in Ottawa (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-11 Five weeks of declining consumer confidence ends (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-05 Coronavirus a top concern only among seven per cent of Canadians – Jobs/the economy numerically top concern (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-05 Canadians are nearly five times more likely to say that the next generation will have a lower rather than a higher standard of living (Nanos) View PDF
2022-04-04 Negative pressure on consumer confidence continues – Prairie region closes gap with rest of Canada (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-30 Younger Canadians hardest hit by rising cost of living; they are twice more likely to say it’s difficult to afford basic necessities than those aged 55 and over (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-29 Jobs/the economy top unprompted national issue of concern – Coronavirus hits low not seen since March 2020 (Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-28 Consumer confidence slides to 15 month low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-27 Charest ahead of Poilievre as Conservative hopeful who Canadians believe has the best chance of winning the next federal election; one in four are unsure (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-24 Appetite to meet climate commitments continues to rise; Canada’s credibility on the international stage when it comes to environmental policies on climate change improves from low to average since 2015 (Positive Energy/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-23 A strong majority of Ontarians support provincial regulations that would require all zoos to have a license and meet animal welfare and public safety standards (World Animal Protection/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-23 Canadians are split on whether or not they support increasing taxes to help pay for more defence spending (CTV/Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-23 Canadians say a socially progressive and economically centrist Conservative Party would be a more appealing vote choice (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-22 Canadians more likely to support increasing economic sanctions rather than going to war with Russia over Ukraine (CTV/Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-22 Jobs/the economy and fear of war on rise among Canadians in weekly issue tracking (Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-21 Consumer confidence shows negative pressure – Canadians reporting worse personal finances hits high level not seen since July 2020 (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-15 Coronavirus slides, freedom among top issues (Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-14 Consumer confidence remains generally steady. Prairies only region to show upward pressure coincidental with price of oil (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-08 Coronavirus declines as top issue while fallout from truckers protest remains on radar (Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-07 Consumer confidence remains net positive and steady (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-07 Close to four in five of Canadians say they are not sympathetic or somewhat not sympathetic with the protest movement that blocked the Ambassador bridge and occupied downtown Ottawa (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-03-01 Unsure trailing Trudeau but trending into second position as preferred Prime Minister (Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-28 Confidence in future strength of the Canadian economy trending up in post Trucker Convoy protest period (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-28 Canadians are twice as likely to say Trudeau’s handling of the Truckers Convoy Protest has worsened their impression of him rather than improved it (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-22 Two in three Canadians say the truckers convoy protests were not effective or somewhat not effective at getting governments to reconsider various COVID 19 restrictions (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-22 Liberal brand in Nanos Party Power Index competitive but hits 12 month low in wake of Convoy protest (Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-22 Consumer confidence remains steady (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-15 Concern about Coronavirus on decline – hits two month low (Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-14 Week over week confidence steady (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-09 Canadians most confident in encouraging workforce diversity – least confident in reducing green house gases without undermining economic growth (Canadian Chamber of Commerce/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-09 Satisfaction with Canada as a country declines – Education and Healthcare seen as top contributors to Canada being a better country, political institutions rated lowest (Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-08 Conservative brand strength as measured in the Nanos Power Index shows negative pressure coincidental with Trucker protest (Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-07 Consumer confidence shows upward pressure on forward real estate positivity (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-03 In-person care currently available to book with over nine in ten CFPC physicians; almost one in two of those say it is available with no restrictions (CFPC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-03 Canadians are split on whether access to their family physician has remained the same or gotten somewhat harder since the start of the pandemic (CFPC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-02-01 Trudeau top choice as Prime Minister but hits a low not seen since 2019 (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-31 Nine in ten Canadians support the Government of Canada making new investments to shorten the wait times for diagnostic imaging – One in two Canadians say wait times have worsened since start of the pandemic (Canadian Association of Radiologists/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-31 Confidence relatively steady – views on personal finances twice as likely to be negative than positive (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-26 Mental health of Canadians continues to worsen. Loss of social contacts, and lockdowns and restrictions negatively impact their mental health (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-26 Trudeau and O’Toole both trail ‘unsure’ and a caucus colleague when Canadians are asked who they want to lead the parties in the next federal election (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-25 Three-way tie on brand strength but Liberals hit a two year low in Nanos Party Power Index. Coranavirus still top issue (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-25 Majority of Canadians support or somewhat support a new health contribution or fine for the unvaccinated. Opposition comparatively highest among younger people (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-24 Decline in confidence abates in weekly tracking (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-19 Canadians rate level of agreement on energy and climate issues (Positive Energy/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-19 Fear of the virus returns as the top obstacle to participation in arts and cultural events (Business/Arts/NAC/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-19 La peur du virus est de nouveau le principal obstacle à la participation aux événements artistiques et culturels (Affaires/Arts/CNA/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-18 Coronavirus concern continues to ramp up with Omicron spread (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-17 Consumer confidence declines to levels last seen in February 2021 (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-14 National Ballot: LPC 30.6, CPC 29.0, NDP 21.4, BQ 6.2, Green 6.1, PPC 5.7 (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-13 Access to skilled workers and North American supply chain resilience top concerns of executives leading US enterprises in Canada (AmCham/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-11 Concern about Coronavirus spikes to eight month high (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-10 Consumer confidence continues to erode (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-07 A strong majority of Canadians say they will definitely take the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot when available (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-07 Six in ten Canadians show some support for closing the US-Canada border to non-essential travel due to Omicron variant (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-06 Pessimism and anger continue to be top feelings that best describe how Canadians feel about the federal government in Ottawa (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-06 Strong majority of Canadians worry more about higher prices for everyday goods rather than higher interest rates (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-05 Mood of Canada turns sour – Canadians who say country moving in the wrong direction up 13 percentage points compared to previous year (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-04 Coronavirus spikes with public focus on Omicron variant (Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-04 Canadians are more likely to say they think Canadians will cancel buying a home and travel plans rather than cancel having children because of cost of living increase (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2022-01-03 Real estate sentiment hits 8 month high – Perceptions on future strength of economy hits 13 month low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF