Focus groups can be a powerful tool to fine-tune strategies, test marketing materials and to trial balloon options under consideration.

Nanos also has the capacity to conduct both in-person and online focus groups. Of note, the use of online focus groups will allow Nanos to cost effectively reach out to Canadians outside of major urban centres.

When conducting focus group research, Nanos has the capacity to analyze natural language using proprietary machine learning algorithms. This is ideal for the analysis of verbal responses, as the algorithm helps build a framework to provide replicable quantitative results when analysing qualitative data.

When dealing with an array of responses in a focus group or interview setting this utilizes the algorithm to group like responses, making it easier and more accurate for analysts to see themes and accurately categorize sentiment and opinions. Nanos uses this algorithm to analyse comments made during the focus groups and it adds another layer of depth and confidence to our analysis of the groups.

In this process, instead of the analyst having to make decisions about how to sort through the responses and discussion data, the algorithm decides the optimum way to organize the information available.

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To follow is a sample of Nanos Research focus groups and facilitation assignments.

Testing privatization options
Exploring alternative program delivery ideas, senior government officials retained Nanos Research to conduct focus group research on the public’s perceptions, acceptance and resistance to privatization options under Cabinet consideration.

Critical path facilitation
As part of a major corporate restructuring, Nanos Research was retained to facilitate a day-long planning session among top executives.

Collecting the views of youth
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada’s largest municipalities to conduct focus groups among young people on their views towards transportation issues.

Government service delivery testing
Nanos Research was retained to conduct focus groups of farmers on issues related to government programs and the potential implementation of an Internet-enabled alternative service delivery model.

Fine-tuning a corporate renewal initiative
As part of an overall corporate renewal, Nanos Research was retained to conduct a series of focus groups with employees and stakeholders. Topics included testing a new “corporate vision” for the organization and new projects under consideration.

Consulting on legislation
Before the introduction of legislation, Nanos Research was retained to develop a stakeholder consultation methodology and to chair public feedback sessions. This included recruiting participants and facilitating the discussions across Ontario.

Developing a campaign platform
Leading up to an election, Nanos Research was retained to test a series of platform issues being considered by a political campaign. Information was also gathered on overall positioning and the perceptions of the various policy alternatives.

Recruiting for health research
Nanos Research was retained to recruit health-care practitioners to participate in a series of focus groups on changes to the health care system.

Facilitating technical negotiations
As a result of its expertise in labour adjustment, Nanos Research was retained to facilitate a technical protocol for the redeployment of surplus employees for the broader public sector.