In-person Research

With over 150 full- and part-time individuals working for Nanos Research, we bring a full complement of capabilities and coverage to any assignment. To follow is a sample of in-person research assignments.

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On-site customer evaluation
Nanos Research regularly conducts on-site retail evaluation research projects using both Nanos Research interviewers and the firm’s ASK™ real-time research process. Information collected is used to evaluate retail locations and to benchmark inter-store cannibalization rates.

Testing new products
Nanos Research was retained to administer an in-depth focus test of a new product under development by a national fast-food chain. The project included the recruitment of target respondents to conduct an extensive interview along with a product test. The purpose of the initiative was to identify product preferences within specific target market groups.

Gauging advertising awareness
As part of an effort of gauging ad awareness for a series of print advertisements, Nanos Research administered interviews of target respondents in order to identify the level of awareness and to collect opinions regarding the advertisements.

Research for litigation
Nanos Research conducted a mall intercept to test product and ad awareness for a client. This included showing the respondent a television ad and also collecting opinion on product packaging.

Recruitment for telecommunications research
In order to test a new telecommunications product, Nanos Research was retained to recruit target consumers to participate in an in-depth product evaluation. This initiative included the development of detailed screening criteria and demographic requirements which reflected a specific target market.