Nanos Research is committed to excellence in serving all customers that use our services and participate in our surveys, including those who live with disabilities.

Assistive Devices

Nanos will ensure that its staff is knowledgeable with various assistive devices that may be used by customers with disabilities while assessing our services and surveys. This will include instructions on how to use disability functions on various browsers and knowing where accessible parking and entrances are located.

Service Animals

Nanos will welcome a person with a disability in their offices and focus group facilities accompanied by their service animal.

Support Person

A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed in Nanos offices and focus group facilities without a charge. If for any reason a fee is needed, Nanos will give ample notice to the client or participant in order to prepare the support person.

If, for any reason, a support person is not allowed to participate in a meeting or group, Nanos will give the support person along with the person with a disability prompt notice in order to allow them to prepare for the event.

Website and Documentation

Nanos will use fonts and font sizes supportive of those individuals with disabilities for its analysis and reporting and on the Nanos website.  Nanos will use transition slides with pictures that include alternate text to assist those using screen readers.

The website has the ability for the fonts to be scaled for individuals with visual impairment as well as contrast to be adjusted to improve visibility. Images on the Nanos website also include alternate text to aid those with visual impairments, where applicable.


Nanos will communicate with people who live with a disability in a way that takes into account their disability and with respect and care.

Focus Group Research

Nanos will use focus group facilities which are welcoming and accessible to those with disabilities, including ensuring that the facilities are wheelchair accessible. Our online focus groups are conducted using MS Teams or Zoom, both of which offer features that improve accessibility for all participants (including closed captions on screen and live transcripts). Additionally, as part of the focus group recruiting process, all potential participants are asked if they will require any accommodations in order to participate which are then provided on a case by case basis as requested and where feasible.

Staff Training

Nanos Research will provide training to their employees who deal with the public or other third parties on their behalf.

Individuals working in the Nanos call center that are contracted, full time, and part time and all staff working in the Ottawa Nanos office will be trained. This training will be provided to the staff upon their hire with Nanos Research, as well as a refresher once a year before compliance is due.

Training will include:

  1. An overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the requirements of the customer service standard.
  2. Nanos’ plan related to the customer service standards.
  3. How to interact with people with various disabilities.
  4. How to interact with people who use assistive devices or require assistance from a service animal or support person.
  5. How to use the elevators, automatic door openers, and disability functions on various browsers.
  6. Nanos will also have an annual PowerPoint presentation that engages its employees in a discussion about interaction with people who live with a disability and a review of the company plan.

All staff will be trained when changes are made to the Nanos Plan.

Staff will also take the Workright course on providing Accessible Services under the AODA yearly. This provides an overview of best practices for interacting with and providing services to people with various disabilities. Training is taken once hired by Nanos and is refreshed each year during employment.

Feedback Process

Customers, participants, and clients who wish to provide feedback on the way Nanos Research provides goods and services to people with disabilities can send feedback by mail, email, or can call the Nanos Research Ottawa phone number.

All feedback will be directed to Chairman Nik Nanos, and Jennifer Henwood who is in charge of the Nanos plan.

Complaints will be addressed according to Nanos Research regular complaint management procedures.

Nanos Research will submit a compliance form to the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services at the beginning of each New Year.

Best Practices

Nanos continues to review our practices to ensure striving for AODA compliance where possible, and will conduct the following best practices on an ongoing basis:

  1. Run AODA checks on all reports (including alt-text, font size, contrast, read order etc) and update our templates as needed.
  2. Each year we will review our digital properties (website, PowerBI Portal, ArcGIS maps, Constant Contact messages) and discuss and determine methods to improve their accessibility where possible.
  3. Provide annual training to all Nanos employees both in this group settings and online through a third party.