2020 REPORTS‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


2020-12-30 Canadian consumer confidence rises on vaccine news (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-30 Second surge in concern about pandemic grips Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-22 Coronavirus as top issue of concern hits same level as first pandemic wave (Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-21 Canadian Consumer confidence hits nine month high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-21 Climate change ambition on the rise (Positive Energy/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-15 Most Canadians brace for holiday season with less family/friends; majority favour strict lockdown (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-15 Real estate hits nine month high in optimism (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-15 Coronavirus as top issue nears first wave 2020 high (Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-10 Canadians less likely to miss a major payment now compared to the first wave of the pandemic (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-10 A strong majority of Canadians would support or somewhat support providing a way for temporary foreign workers to remain in Canada (Senator Black and Senator Omidvar/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-08 Coronavirus hits six month high as top issue of concern for Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-07 Forward looking Expectations Sub-indice hits neutral sentiment (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-04 Three in four people say there needs to be more oversight from the government over the activities of Google and Facebook in Canada (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-03 COVID-19 has negatively impacted one third of Canadians’ ability to access mental health care (CPA/CPAP/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-01 A strong majority of Canadians are concerned or somewhat concerned that charities in Canada are at risk of closing due to fewer donations during the pandemic (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-12-01 Importance gap widens between Coronavirus as a top issue and rest of national issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-30 Confidence in Canada’s plan to deliver Covid-10 vaccines mixed; only one in six outright confident (CTV PowerPlay/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-30 Consumer confidence steady as Canadians wait for vaccine details (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-24 Coronavirus tops national issue concern list by 25 point advantage (Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-23 Forward consumer confidence mired in neutral (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-17 After Coronavirus as top issue, three-way tie between jobs/economy, healthcare and the environment (Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-16 Consumer confidence in a neutral holding pattern (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-14 Seven in ten Canadians support respect for Indigenous fishing rights within Government of Canada conservation regulations (CTV/Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-13 Canadians most frequently blame both provincial and federal governments for delays in testing (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-10 Second wave of concern about COVID-19 persists (Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-09 Forward view on the economy remains weak – hitting four month pessimism high (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-08 Canadians most frequently say the government should do nothing in response to reduced air routes (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-06 Canadians divided over amount of immigrants Canada should accept in 2021 (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-11-03 Coronavirus as an unprompted issue of concern tops list at 39 per cent View PDF
2020-11-02 Forward looking expectations still net negative in Canadian consumer confidence tracking (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-27 A majority of Ottawa residents say the pandemic has had negative effects on their mental health; two thirds show support for a universal basic income program (The Ottawa Mission/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-27 Concern about COVID-19 rises 10 points in four weeks (Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-26 Canadians four times more likely to be negative than positive on the future strength of the Canadian economy (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-20 Second spike in Coronavirus concern continues to rise near a six month high (Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-19 Forward looking Expectations Sub-indice shows potential decline in optimism (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-16 Canadian knowledge and attitudes about defence and security issues View PDF
2020-10-15 Fewer Canadians report coping very well with self isolation compared to April (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-14 Coronavirus surges as top unprompted national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-14 Subsidized childcare and national pharmacare are seen as good ideas by a majority of Canadians (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-14 Three way split on the approach the federal government should take to borrowing during the pandemic (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-14 Close to three in five Canadians are comfortable or somewhat comfortable with the Prime Minister’s commitment to further spending to help Canadians during the pandemic (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-13 Importance of protecting our border and ensuring safe communities has increased since 2019; importance of fighting terrorism has decreased View PDF
2020-10-13 Confidence in investing in infrastructure and importance of creating jobs have increased View PDF
2020-10-13 Canadians have the highest level of confidence in responding to public health threats like a pandemic; importance of protecting our environment and improving quality of life for First Nations on reserves has increased View PDF
2020-10-13 Consumer confidence in flatline holding pattern as Canadians brace for possible second wave (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-13 Canadians are five times more likely to think future generations will have a lower rather than a higher standard of living – pessimism has increased since 2019 (Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-10 Seven in ten Canadians are good with closing non-essential businesses given the increase in COVID-19 cases (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-06 Concern about Coronavirus hits four month high (Nanos) View PDF
2020-10-05 Canadian consumer confidence flatlines for seven weeks in succession (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-29 Concern about Coronavirus hits a seven week high (Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-28 Forward expectations on the economy stalled in neutral (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-22 Conservative brand continues to trend upward ahead of Speech from the Throne (Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-22 Culture-goers intend to increase their donations to the arts in 2021, after 20 percent projected drop in 2020; more culture-goers want masks to feel comfortable at performances (Business/Arts, the National Arts Centre and Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-21 Homeownership continues to be seen as a good investment in COVID-19 environment; comfort attending open houses with other buyers continues to increase (OREA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-21 A very strong majority of Ontarians think housing is an important or somewhat important contributor to the provincial economy (OREA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-21 Consumer confidence continues to sputter marginally above neutral sentiment (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-15 Conservative brand continues to trend positive in Nanos Party Power Index (Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-14 Consumer confidence remains steady but below pre-pandemic levels (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-14 A strong majority of decision-makers in Canadian companies agree or somewhat agree that flexible working will be a permanent change at their company View PDF
2020-09-11 Canadians and Americans are more bound by fear than a common set of values – 16 year tracking study (Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-10 Canadians more likely to want to continue with large deficits rather than returning to pre-pandemic deficit levels (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-09 Conservative brand in Nanos Power Index trending up – hits a six month high (Nanos) View PDF

Canadians more likely to say Governor General is doing a poor job rather than a good job – One quarter unsure (CTV/Nanos)

View PDF
2020-09-08 Positive trajectory on consumer confidence flattens (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-07 Voters in the Prairies and men are most likely to be open to voting Conservative now that Erin O’Toole is leader (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-06 Views of Canadians on Indigenous issues (AFN/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-06 Canadians concerned about the federal deficit increase in pandemic wake (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-06 Canadians split in their confidence that the government has a plan to build a strong and environmentally sound economy(CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-05 Canadians have confidence that the government has a plan to acquire sufficient Covid-19 vaccines (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-04 Canadians more likely to view Erin O’Toole as a good choice rather than a poor choice to lead the Conservative Party (Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2020-09-01 Coronavirus top issue – jobs/economy and healthcare tied for second as top unprompted national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-31 Canadian consumer confidence remains net positive on real estate sentiment gains (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-27 Homeownership continues to be seen as a good investment in COVID-19 environment (OREA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-27 Canadians are five times more likely to support than oppose Canada’s current prostitution legislation (LAWC/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-25 Healthcare on the rise as a top issue of concern, trails COVID-19 but now tied with jobs/the economy (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-24 Canadian consumer confidence continues to trend positively (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-20 Canadians are concerned that vital health research will not be done if health charities do not have sufficient resources (HCCC/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-20 Feelings of anger towards the federal government in Ottawa on the rise since May – satisfaction and optimism continue downward trend (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-18 Almost three in ten Canadians cite Coronavirus as their top unprompted national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-17 One in three British Columbia residents report they have delayed getting medical care for themselves or a loved one because they were afraid of being exposed to COVID; just under 7 in 10 have been anxious or somewhat anxious about being exposed to COVID-19 when visiting or considering visiting a clinic or hospital (TelusHealth/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-17 Consumer confidence nudges into positive territory for second week in succession (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-14 Very high level of importance among Canadians for respecting and enforcing fishing regulations and having direct negotiations between the Government, Indigenous leaders and fishing organizations (MFU/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-12 One in five Canadians have a friend or acquaintance who has been homeless; majority support building new affordable housing (CAEH/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-11 Coronavirus as a top national issue of concern on the rise (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-11 Close to one half of Ontario residents report they have delayed getting medical care for themselves or a loved one because they were afraid of being exposed to COVID; close to three in four have been anxious or somewhat anxious about being exposed to COVID-19 when visiting or considering visiting a clinic or hospital (TelusHealth/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-10 Consumer confidence continues to trend positively (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-07 Almost four in ten Canadians who lost jobs or hours due to the pandemic report heading back to work as of end of July (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-06 More than one in two Canadians score the WE controversy as high in importance when judging the performance of the Trudeau Government (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-04 Trudeau ahead but drops eight points in four weeks on the preferred PM tracking (Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-04 Consumer confidence sputters from negative to neutral (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-04 A very strong majority of Canadians are good with requiring everyone to wear a mask in indoor public places (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-04 One in five Canadians report experiencing some degree of hardship as a result of the Canada-US border closure (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-08-04 More than two thirds of Canadians think an election should be avoided until the pandemic has substantially passed or a vaccine is available (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-28 COVID-19 puts Canadians at the fulcrum of environment and economy View PDF
2020-07-28 Liberal brand takes a hit in Nanos Party Power Index in wake of WE controversy revelations (Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-27 Consumer confidence regaining losses – shifting from negative to neutral with lifting views on the value of real estate (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-21 Homeownership seen as good investment in COVID-19 environment – significant portion of market view living in a rural area or the suburbs as more appealing now than before the pandemic (OREA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-21 Trudeau ahead but drops four points in one week on preferred PM tracking in wake of WE controversy View PDF
2020-07-20 Recovery in consumer confidence slows down (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-16 Parents’ comfort levels with return to school are mixed, but they support funding for mental health, online learning and technology, and health and safety (OPSBA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-14 Coronavirus and jobs/economy neck and neck as top national unprompted issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-13 Consumer confidence remains net negative (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-13 Two in three Canadians say the Meng Wanzhou case should be decided by the Canadians courts (CTV/Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-10 Canadians are divided on the importance of Canada having a seat on the UN Security Council (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-09 Three in four Canadians believe the RCMP has a problem with systemic racism but are divided on their confidence in the RCMP to fix it (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-09 After rise in return to work in May, June tracking suggests flat job growth (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-07 Tag team of Coronavirus and jobs/the economy top national issues of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-06 A strong majority of Canadians think the Canada-US border should remain closed for the foreseeable future (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-06 Consumer confidence net negative but continues to trend positively (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-07-06 Canadians expect another wave of COVID-19 and support mandatory masks (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-30 Coronavirus and jobs top national issue concerns – Brand strength of Liberals hits a two year high (Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-29 Trend line suggests emerging potential recovery in Canadian consumer confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-23 Coronavirus and jobs/economy dominate issue mindset of Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-22 U-shaped trend line in consumer confidence recovery emerging (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-16 Gap Analysis. Access to depression medications in Canada (CEADM/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-16 Coronavirus retains spot as top unprompted national issue of concern (Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-15 Two in three Canadians agree or somewhat agree there will be a long-term negative impact of the pandemic on the quality of lives of Canada; a majority agree or somewhat agree that post-pandemic Canada will be united with a common purpose (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-15 Negative consumer confidence becoming positive trend line (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-12 Canadians report appreciation for friends and family and returning to a simpler life as top impacts of COVID-19 View PDF
2020-06-12 A very strong majority of Ontarians say improving the healthcare system to be prepared for future crises and improving the safety and health of long-term care residents should be an important priority for the provincial government after COVID-19 (OPSEU/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-09 Given the scarcity of in-person experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, culture-goers turn to digital experiences in the short term View PDF
2020-06-09 Boredom and Stress Drives Increased Alcohol Consumption during COVID-19: NANOS Poll Summary Report (CCSA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-09 Feelings of satisfaction towards the federal government in Ottawa remain high; feelings of pessimism continue to trend down View PDF
2020-06-09 Homeownership seen as good investment in COVID-19 environment – significant part of market open to virtual purchase experience (OREA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-09 After weeks of decline Coronavirus as a top issue on the rebound View PDF
2020-06-08 Consumer confidence negative but shows slow positive rise (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-05 A majority of Albertans prefer an “at-fault” automobile insurance system; most trust a judge or the courts to determine what is fair compensation (FAIR Alberta/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-05 Three in five Canadians support or somewhat support testing every Canadian for COVID-19 (CTV News/Nanos) View PDF
2020-06-04 About one in six report losing their job/having reduced work hours amidst pandemic; job prospects brighten as three in ten of those Canadians see increase in hours/re-employment in recent weeks View PDF
2020-06-02 Brand strength of the federal Conservatives trending down in Nanos Power Index and hits a low View PDF
2020-06-01 Negative forward view on consumer confidence persists in Coronavirus outbreak (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-26 Gap narrows between Coronavirus and economy/jobs as top national issues of concern View PDF
2020-05-25 A very strong majority of Canadians think that having a competitive airline industry to help the economic recovery is an important or somewhat important contributor to the national interest (Flair/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-25 Forward look for consumer confidence remains significantly negative (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-20 Only five points separates Coronavirus with jobs/economy as the top national issue of concern View PDF
2020-05-19 Negative sentiment remains but consumer confidence curve flattening (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-12 Canadians shifting gears on the issue front as coronavirus declines and jobs/economy rises in importance. View PDF
2020-05-11 Consumer sentiment negative but trajectory flattening (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-06 Canadians report an increase in feeling stressed regularly or all the time now compared to one month before COVID-19 (MHCC/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-05 Canadians are six times more likely to say they will spend less than more on non-essential services after stores and businesses reopen (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-05 Jobs/economy still trails coronavirus as the top issue of concern but trending up View PDF
2020-05-04 Three in five Canadians say they will be more cautious about personal contact after COVID-19 (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-04 Negative trajectory on Canadian consumer confidence flattening (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-05-02 Three in five Canadians believe more or somewhat more aid will be required before things return to normal (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-28 Coronavirus as top unprompted issue of concern remains high but plateaus View PDF
2020-04-27 Negative trajectory in Canadian consumer sentiment remains but slows down (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-21 Coronavirus still dominates Canadian mindset and jobs/economy a distant second on issue radar View PDF
2020-04-20 Negative consumer sentiment trajectory remains but slows (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-15 25% of Canadians (aged 35-54) are drinking more while at home due to COVID-19 pandemic; cite lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom as main factors (CCSA/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-14 Corona as top issue rockets up in importance – Liberals trending up in Nanos Power Index View PDF
2020-04-13 Consumer confidence collapses in Covid-19 wake (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-08 Feelings of satisfaction towards the federal government in Ottawa are on the rise with COVID-19 outbreak View PDF
2020-04-07 COVID-19 is the top issue of concern and trending up View PDF
2020-04-06 Canadians say professional journalism is essential given the Coronavirus outbreak and should be supported by the Federal Government (Friends of Canadian Broadcasting/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-06 Canadian consumer confidence hits historic 12 year low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-03 Views on the healthcare system in Canada (SecondStreet.org/Nanos) View PDF
2020-04-01 Almost one in five Canadians bracing to miss a major payment in next 28 days (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-31 Preferred PM: Trudeau 31.9 > Scheer 19.7 > Singh 13.2 > Unsure 23.3 > May 5.8 > Blanchet 4.3 > Bernier 1.8 View PDF
2020-03-31 Coronavirus sees a steep climb as the top unprompted issue of concern for Canadians (Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-30 Weekly Tracking – Qualities of a Good Leader – Trudeau View PDF
2020-03-30 Steep slump in Canadian consumer confidence in covid-19 wake (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-30 A majority of Canadians are pessimistic about the outlook of the Coronavirus situation, but approve of the Government of Canada’s response (CTV/Globe and Mail/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-24 Preferred PM: Trudeau 30.7 > Scheer 21.4 > Singh 12.8 > Unsure 22.9 > May 6.2 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.2 View PDF
2020-03-24 Comfortable majority of Canadians say young people today are less aware of the Holocaust and its lessons now compared to the past (Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-23 Forward looking Expectations Sub-indices dives to decade low (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-17 Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.3 > Scheer 19.2 > Singh 12.2 > Unsure 23.1 > May 6.9 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.5 View PDF
2020-03-16 Forward looking Expectations Sub-indice takes plunge (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-10 Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.6 > Scheer 20.6 > Singh 12.3 > Unsure 22.6 > May 6.1 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.1 View PDF
2020-03-09 Canada’s Prairie provinces hit lowest of consumer confidence since November 2018(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-09 Over seven in ten Canadians say Indigenous blockades of rail lines are an unacceptable or somewhat unacceptable way to express their support for the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs (CTV/Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-03-03 Preferred PM: Trudeau 34.0 > Scheer 21.0 > Singh 12.4 > Unsure 22.3 > May 5.3 > Blanchet 3.4 > Bernier 1.5 View PDF
2020-03-02 Canadians in West near 12 month low in consumer confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-25 Federal ballot: Conservatives 36.2 > Liberals 33.0 > NDP 15.4 > Bloc 6.8 > Green 6.6 > PPC 1.4 View PDF
2020-02-24 Consumer confidence remains relatively steady (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-19 Majority of Canadians are aware that taxpayers own the Trans Mountain pipeline (Dogwood/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-19 Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.2 > Scheer 20.9 > Singh 14.1 > Unsure 22.7 > May 5.2 > Blanchet 3.9 > Bernier 1.1 View PDF
2020-02-18 Overall consumer confidence steady but forward looking expectations trending up over four week period (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-13 Canadians in the Prairies are most pessimistic about future job pay; marginal improvement in Canadians’ views although still net negative (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-12 Canadians say the ideal Conservative Party leader is more economically than socially conservative (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-11 Majority of Canadians lack confidence that the authorities in Iran will give access to the crash site and evidence about what happened to the Ukrainian International Airlines plane crash (Globe/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-11 Preferred PM: Trudeau 34.5 > Scheer 20.6 > Singh 12.9 > Unsure 21.2 > May 4.9 > Blanchet 4.2 > Bernier 1.8 View PDF
2020-02-10 Pocketbook Sub-indices shows weakening over past four weeks(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-06 Majority of Canadians express an interest in more skills training if government created a personal training account (Senator Bellemare/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-05 Canadians views of the Trudeau government’s performance continue to trend negatively(IRPP/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-04 Preferred PM: Trudeau 33.3 > Scheer 20.1 > Singh 13.2 > Unsure 21.0 > May 5.1 > Blanchet 5.1 > Bernier 2.2 View PDF
2020-02-03 Majority say Canadians will respect the privacy of Harry and Meghan more than people from the United Kingdom (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-02-03 Overall consumer confidence steady in January(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-28 Preferred PM: Trudeau 33.3 > Scheer 19.8 > Singh 13.4 > Unsure 20.6 > May 6.1 > Blanchet 4.8 > Bernier 1.9 View PDF
2020-01-27 Canadian consumer confidence remains steady(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-23 Three in four Canadians say mental health care is an important priority for them; over six in ten report they or someone they know has experienced a mental health problem or illness (MHCC/Nanos Research) View PDF
2020-01-22 Majority of Canadians report the people they care about are at some risk of being homeless; nearly three quarters say homelessness has a serious or somewhat serious impact on Canada View PDF
2020-01-21 Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.8 > Scheer 19.6 > Singh 13.0 > Unsure 21.1 > May 6.2 > Blanchet 4.9 > Bernier 2.5 View PDF
2020-01-20 Opening of 2020 generally steady for Canadian consumer confidence(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-14 Preferred PM: Trudeau 31.0 > Scheer 20.9 > Singh 14.4 > Unsure 20.7 > May 6.8 > Blanchet 4.2 > Bernier 2.0 View PDF
2020-01-13 Consumer confidence in opening of 2020 steady(Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-08 A majority of Canadians believe a recession in 2020 is likely or somewhat likely; however residents of Quebec are the least likely to be pessimistic (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-07 Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.3 > Scheer 21.1 > Singh 15.1 > Unsure 20.1 > May 6.4 > Blanchet 3.3 > Bernier 1.7 View PDF
2020-01-06 2020 opens with steady consumer confidence in Canada > Quebecers lead in confidence, Canadians in Prairies lag in confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-03 A majority of Canadians lack confidence that Canadians are changing their lifestyle and consumption fast enough to help protect the environment (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-03 Canadians are divided on the approval of new energy projects such as the Frontier mine (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-03 Canadians say they would like the federal government to spend more money on the environment and healthcare in 2020 (CTV/Nanos) View PDF
2020-01-01 Support is not strong for Alberta opting out of the CPP and RCMP (Globe/Nanos) View PDF