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Please note that as of Thursday, August 19th we will be transitioning over to our new enhanced Data Portal. You can explore this new portal below.

Help make better evidence-based decisions by subscribing to the Nanos Data Portal. You get access to weekly and long term interactive data. Unlimited access to the Nanos data portals will be $60 a year ($5 a month). Portal access gives you access to data dashboards, sub-segment regional trend lines and ability to view full data tables.

Please note that with the $60 subscription you can view the data in table format, but the subscription does not include data exports.

For a detailed look at all of the data included in the Data portals (including the questions asked), click here.

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Nanos Subscriber Data Portal

The Nanos Subscriber Data Portal contains all of our data in one place, including our weekly political, economic and issue tracking, as well as the 2021 Nightly Election Tracking. Create custom charts, view data by region and demographics, and explore over 5700 trendlines. [Detailed subscriber data]
The Free Non-subscriber Data Portal contains tracking on the Power Index, Preferred PM and Nightly Election Tracking data at the national level only. [Free Non-subscriber Portal] [Methodology]

Elections Canada Results Map

The Free Interactive Elections Results Map contains Elections Canada results from the 2015 and 2019 elections, highs, lows, and averages from the last two votes from an election or by-election, and Elections Canada heat maps of support by party for each federal riding. [View the Map]

Nanos Research Youtube Channel

Watch our regular releases on political and economic data. [Latest videos] [Most popular videos]

Data Dive

View the latest Data Dive articles by Nik Nanos for the Globe and Mail. The Data Dive is a monthly article in the Globe and Mail written by Nik Nanos, Chief Data Scientist at Nanos Research. Each month the Data Dive takes an in-depth look at current issues and data that’s important to Canadians. [Read More]

Political Tracking Germany

Get the latest data and analysis on the political environment in the Federal Republic of Germany. [Infratest dimap]

Free Nanos Time Map

Get Nanos Time Map today > a new world-class spatial forecaster that visualizes election data and sentiment modelling of 73,000 federal polling stations every month. Subscribe for a constituency or national riding map from Nanos. Make data driven decisions. [Free Nanos Time Map]

Free Richmond Hill Time Map

The Nanos Time Map is a new world-class spatial forecaster that visualizes election data and sentiment modelling of 73,000 federal polling stations every month. Click here to view a sample riding map in Richmond Hill with current modelling. [Free Nanos Richmond Hill Map]