Cybersecurity presents the most significant threat according to participating CEOs in Canada, with almost seven in ten (67%) who say it is a major threat for their business and another one in four (23%) who say it is a minor threat. Six in ten think interest rates pose a threat to their business with one in five (21%) who say they are a major threat and four in ten (38%) who say a minor threat.

Nanos conducted an online survey of CEOs in Canada from a list provided by The Globe and Mail, between March 16th and April 12th, 2023. CEOs were sent a link and unique four-digit code to participate in the only survey. A total of 30 CEOs in Canada participated in the research with an estimated response rate of 17%.

Participating CEOs were offered an exclusive webinar with the findings from the survey in appreciation of their time.

Note: Charts may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

Readers should note that this research is qualitative in nature and should not be projected to the target populations.

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